Who is David Nair


David Nair is one of the most sort after people developer on leadership and personal mastery. As a trainer, coach and mentor, David has a unique skill off quickly diagnosing development needs within a person. He has a rare ability of electrifying an audience, yet deliver simple fundamentals for change, that would step the individual up, help teams and organizations performance raise many folds over. For over 30 years, David has been involved with most of the premier companies in India, helping empower, coach, mentor their senior management, VP and CEO’s.

David, a certified practicing accountant (CPA), with experience in management, planning, financial control, people management, administration system implementation, industry deregulation strategic business advises, corporate training, coaching and mentoring.

David’s breadth of experience, with multinational organizations, working in senior positions such as Financial Controller, Strategic Planner and Vice President in industries ranging from Banking, IT, Manufacturing, Pharma, Automotive, Semiconductor, Hospitality, Textile, Service and NGO’s, Retailing / Wholesaling, Coal Mining, Construction & operation of mine sites, Vehicle manufacture & distribution, Food processing and Transportation has put him in good stead, to assist organizations with Strategic Planning, Joint Venture Alliance, Coaching & Mentoring and Training & Development.

David, born in Malaysia and a citizen of Australia, retired from his corporate career in his mid-30’s and successfully building a number of businesses in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, UK, US and India.

As a global Citizen, David travels extensively, and his main passion has been the development of people and to see how a person can be transformed, when the potential within each of them is identified, nurtured and allowed to grow in the right environment.

Today David, an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, coach and mentor has a thirst to help develop & empower individuals such that they could step up the life’s of others around them.


David, born in Malaysia was sent to residency school in Australia at an early age of 15 years to finish his secondary and tertiary schooling. The primary reason as David puts it “for him to be kicked out of home” at that early age was because his parents were concerned about David’s lack of confidence, shyness, dependence and fear of getting out to do things.

David was so shy, he would hide behind his mother’s petticoat even when relatives and friends would come to visit them. David dreaded talking and mixing with people. His stomach would churn and, in some instances, felt like throwing up. That was the state and frame of mind that David struggled through. His parents felt that the exposure of education in Australia would not just put David in firm foundation but also groom him to be a more confident out-going profession, which is the dream of every parent, particularly  an Indian Parent.

Today as a confident global speaker, trainer, coach and mentor to many, David have surely combated the infant challenge of “poor little me syndrome”.

David shares a lot more of this side of his story and how he combatted those infant challenges in his book, “I eXceL – Wired for Success” – Personal Excellence Blueprint.

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