Inspiring Stories

Inspiring and Empowering with Stories

Why Storytelling and the power in it?

Stories are primal. We are connected intimately to one another through stories. They bring us very close to one another, we get into the zone of another’s plight or joy. They are authentic, human experiences. When we share those experiences, and others listen, we feel heard, trusted, and most of all, we belong to something bigger than us.
A reflect worthy to ponder over …..

100000 years ago, our great forefathers started developing languages, and back then story telling was one form of knowledge transfer from one generation to another especially around camp fires.
27000 years ago, we transfer knowledge through cavemen’s drawings.
3500 years ago, we transferred knowledge through text.
28 years ago, we transferred knowledge through text…

Which do you think is sustainable? Storytelling has been with us since human life began. From exchanging stories around a campfire to currently posting on Facebook—from mythology and religion to dating and job interviews—we have always felt that urge to share our experiences.

If you spend some time reflecting the people who have impacted us most are all story tellers.
Who can forget Steve Jobs introducing the world to the iPhone for the first time in 2007? Or JFK’s “we choose to go to the moon” speech in 1961, or Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech in 1963?
Words, speeches, stories—these remain etched into our DNA. They have the power to move the masses.

Here are four reasons why:
1) We grew up with them.
2) We think in stories.
3) They invoke our emotions.
4) Stories inspire us.

We Play it forward with Inspiring Stories

As an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, coach and mentor, David Nair believes that there is something to learn from everyone. His day-to-day experiences learning from his interaction with people is a huge value add to his learning. He then illustrates through these stories the concepts he wants delivered. The impact, retention, and breakthroughs created to the recipients is immeasurable.

David uses his endless list of stories to share Life principles and he is always on the lookout for new stories of endurance, creativity, and success. In fact, the stories don’t necessarily have to be new, he says, even if you have heard the story before, each speaker or writer possesses their own print, articulating a well-known subject in such a different way, that one can come away with new information that was never heard before.
The underlying essence of story telling is the impact it makes to our body, mind and spirit. How could you be touched by storytelling? It basically comes down to Emotional Investment. The more you immerse yourself in something, and account of this awareness, you become less critical and less objective.

As an illustration, the greatest Emotional Investment is falling in love. When you first get to know a person, everything he or she does is fantastic, great, from the way the person moves, behaviors, even biting into an apple and slurping a cup of tea is beautiful, and noiseless. Everything is special and you look towards being with that person 24/7. Thirteen months down-stream, the brain is hijacked with new neuro transmitters and hormones impacting your cortex. Your neuroplasticity is changed from when you originally met the person. As time rolls out crunching an apple slurping a cup of tea, becomes noisy. What has happened here, the play within us of the body chemicals – dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin, cortisol and adrenalin. The mixture of what I commonly refer to as Angel’s cocktail, and Devils cocktail. These cocktails either creates a pleasing loving and uplifting environment or an environment of hatred, thoughtlessness and disempowerment. What has happened in the thirteen months? The same applies in all sectors of life. What and how we control the release of the body chemicals determines what our outcomes can and will be.

David has spent most of her professional life working with a varied mix of high-growth organizations, and as such he knows how challenging a career life can be, and in find a balance in one’s Work / Life. Entrepreneurs from all fields face many challenges on many different levels and can easily reach a point of burnout or disappointment with the pace of success or the setbacks. David also knows that sharing experiences and learning from others especially when one understands the cocktail mix mentioned above, an enormous relief can be found in rewiring the neuroplasticity of one’s brain. This David further elaborates in his I eXceL – wired for success workshop.

Pay back to a New Generation of Leaders

Throughout David’s career, he has been personally involved in a number of initiatives focused on giving support to young leaders and the next generation of entrepreneurs. You could refer to the community support tab of this website for more details. He donates his time, experience to educational enrichment programs, particularly for the economically disadvantaged. He advises and mentors new founders and helps them connect to the vital resources they need to excel. David frequently speaks at conferences and workshops sharing his experience and knowledge with those set out on a similar path of continuous development.

Sharing Stories of Inspiration

David firm believes in the power of the 3 E’s (Education, Exposure, and Experience) for growth and development coupled with the power of stories telling is the way forward for continued growth. David has taken it upon himself to share the stories that inspire him with his online audience, through his blogs, where he shares empowering stories, discusses books, articles, talks, and initiatives he has drawn knowledge and encouragement from along the way. The blog features a diverse collection of energizing and thought-provoking resources. They are a must-read for any entrepreneur. The spread is wide and varied touching on psychological, sociological and political phenomena that are shaping our lives.

Among the stories featured on David’s social media platform and the blog, David as an avid reader discusses several books he has found inspiring for development To mention a few: The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy, Five Love Languages by Chapman, The empowered mind by Scott and Whispering in the wind by Bostic and Grinder.

David, by offering such a rich tapestry of insightful materials on his social media platform, blog and good reads provides for an accessible source of inspiration for anyone in need of a fresh perspective or an encouraging word.

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