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David’s Definite Major Purpose In Life Is To Create A Mindset Shift, Heart Set Shift Soul Set Shift, And A Health Set Shift In
1 Million People, Such That Their
Next Generation…

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With Our Training Clients /
Participants In Ensuring We Develop
Specific Programs Designed For Their Needs And Providing The Best In Development…

Our Core Values

The Acronym Arco Sums Up Our Code Of Operation. We Are Accountable, We Are Responsible, We Are Committed,
We Take Ownership For All That
We Say…

“Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values are the drivers and barometer by which we maintain our standard of excellence.”


David Nair is one of the most sort after people developer on leadership and personal mastery. As an Excellence Peak Performance Coach & Mentor, David has a unique skill off quickly diagnosing development needs within a person. He has a rare ability of electrifying an audience, yet deliver simple fundamentals for change, that would step the individual up, help teams and organizations performance raise many folds over. For over 30 years, David has been involved with most of the premier companies in India, helping empower, coach, mentor their senior management, VP and CEO’s.

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“Excellence is not achieved by Chance, It is result of High Intention, born of an environmentally congruent Spirit”

-David Nair     

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How it all started

I was born in Malaysia to parents of Indian origin and moved to Australia during my early years. I achieved success as a Certified Practicing Accountant, working with multiple companies under my portfolio, specializing in Accounting, HR, and Strategy consulting.

But my heart always whispered a connection to my Indian heritage. Despite my promising career, I felt an unrelenting urge to give back to the vibrant communities in India.

My father questioned, “Why India? Why not just donate to charity?” I replied, “I could do that, but I believe in teaching them to fish rather than just feeding them for a day. I want to empower them with skills to sustain themselves and nourish generations.”

With that determination, I took a bold step, booking a one-way flight to India. I had no established contacts there. I began writing heartfelt letters to Rotary Clubs across the country. Finally, the Rotary Club of Chandigarh responded, and I conducted my first seminar. It was the spark that ignited my journey into the corporate world. The response was overwhelming, and soon, I found myself sharing my insights in Rotary Clubs all over India.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching and mentoring executives, VPs, and CEOs of 50 leading companies. I’ve witnessed countless lives transformed. Now, it’s your turn to join me on this extraordinary journey, to discover your purpose and make a difference. Together, we can create a brighter future.

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“The purpose of our lives is to be Happy!”

-Dalai Lama

One Fundamental to Excellence Peak Performance Coaching and Mentoring is your Happiness Factor.

Self–Assessment Exercise

Rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 for each of the four criteria set below.

Being Happy

Figure out your Core values/Commandments and align your life to them

Fulfilling Potential

Breakthrough roadblocks and accomplish your outcomes.

Making Change

Get over fears and transform your mind set, heart set, health set and soul set.

Finding Balance

Align your Internal & External World by becoming a Well Centered Person.

Be honest with yourself in your assessment. Introspect to see how you could move up the scale by one point per month. Where do you stand with each of these four criteria to Happiness?

Where are you currently with them?

Small Shifts, Generate Big Gains

-David Nair

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“The Empowered You
Your passport to a better Tomorrow
The tipping point for your defined happiness”

-David Nair


Bharathan Prahalad

David is a Great Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Friend and a top notch Learning Consultant, but not many people in my network know that he was one of the few people who mentored me as I started preparing for a new role in Talent Management covering the entire ASIA region…

Bharathan Prahalad (BP), Head of Tech HR & Geo HR
Vikas Lobo

It is an absolute pleasure and honor to work with a thorough professional such as David – I got the opportunity to first work with David during my L&D stint with Vodafone Karnataka – having done extensive and high impact sessions across various BU’s in Vodafone…

Richard Murray

David provided executive coaching at our Chennai, India site. He provided incisive advice and a structured approach to measuring improvement across some key areas, particularly around cross group collaboration and on establishing corporate mission alignment.

Thakur Bakshani
We at BNT approached Mr. David Nair for coaching all our department managers and training of their subordinates. I am happy to say this people developmental work was impactful on each of the participants.