I – eXceL Wired for Success

“Excellence is not an Act, but a Habit.
Men rarely decide their Future.
Instead, they decide their Habits.
Their Habits decide their Future.”

– David Nair

Personal Excellence Blueprint

Join us in this Mind-Shifting Coaching, where you will discover:

  • How to tap into your billion-dollar personal computer particularly your subconscious mind to unleash your talents, so that you could perform at your Peak in all sector of your life and easily manifest your dreams?
  • How to be more energized, fulfilled, and alive this coming year, no matter what life brings your way, so that you could live a peaceful healthy stress-free life?
  • How to shift your mindset and the way you think, so that you could achieve your aspirations and enjoy life as you should, rather than being bogged down with prior baggage of failure?
  • How to tune into your inner self and master the path to tap into your true potential, so that you could think and work with a clear mind.?
  • How to master the required tools for excellence, so that over time and practice this process for excellence becomes second nature?
  • How to set and achieve clear and powerful intentions and manifest your dreams into reality, for your life, beyond your wants and desires, so that you find true happiness for yourself and your family?
  • How to align yourself with the universe in manifesting your intentions, so that your internal chatter is reduced to a minimum to free you mentally to do the things you really want to work with clarity?
  • How to release limiting thought patterns and instill new more empowering ways of thinking so that it will support you in creating a life of joy, passion, purpose and contribution.
  • How to acquire absolute clarity on what you love to be, do and have in your four quadrants of your Life; Career / Business, Family, Health and Spiritual so that you can live a fulfilled balanced life?
  • How to say goodbye to Fear Doubt & Worry so that you could live a life of constantly not self-whipping yourself for failures and non-achievements of your Dreams.
  • By the end of this session, you’ll break through the common myths that hold you back in you, operating at Peak Performance. You’ll have the Confidence and Clarity to Step Up, shift your gear, allowing you to enjoy the income and lifestyle you deserve.

We use a variety of modalities, tools, practices, exercise, music, hands on Creative work, to create the required shift in a person.

The breakthroughs are recognized and anchored. That takeaway practices are constantly worked by the individual and in our Groups and Communities until its mastery is achieved.

As mentioned by various clients in their testimonials, this post Coaching, Mentoring and Training following the breakthroughs is what really puts us apart from others who lack this nuance of how this can be achieved. This moves the participants forward in their development. As expressed by thousands, who have attended these live sessions, it is the dynamism in what we create and leave behind for continuous growth. That is the cherry on the black forest cake.

Our signature program is I-eXceL Wired for Success. This is the base program that we use as a perquisite for all our other program.

You are welcome to view our corporate website www.ixlincorporated.com to see our suite of programs under the banner of “The Backbone” that we have delivered over the last 30 years.

We have different phases to the I-eXceL Wired for Success Program


This is a six-step module that walks an individual through understanding and realizing where they are and what they can do.


Further six step module that steps the individuals up with specific modalities to assist this person to soar like an eagle. Ensuring they have an 8X growth in themselves, thereby enhancing their career or business and life.


This was a regular quarterly event prior to the pandemic. Once the lockdown is lifted, we will resume these events and the details will follow on this platform.

The first book being “I eXceL – Wired for Success” – Personal Excellence Blueprint.

David deep dives into his second book Your Why – The Driver. Destiny – Choice, or Chance.

For more details on his online programs and live workshops please write to: admin@davidnair.net


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