Asian Culture

Engulfed by Asian Culture

David Nair’s working career commenced in Australia. Over time and exposure, it moved through China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and India.

The work practices and interaction that David had with local companies who had head-offices based out of the US, UK, Europe


Australia allowed David to get a better understand and appreciation of cross culture sensitization, how companies worked differently in these regions, how they thought, how they made decision, how flexible / inflexible where their attitude and their work cultures.

These provided David with a better understanding of the nuances of business practices in these regions. This also equipped David exceptional well to address issues, help resolve conflicts between employees within the same company, but operating in different regions. David’s work in helping these employees reduced the Emotional Intelligence gap between employees, their understanding of one another, having more patience, tolerance, resilience with one another. This understanding further assisted David tremendously specifically when it came to coaching, and mentoring senior management working in these company.

The region became home

David was born and did his early primary and secondary school education in Malaysia. He completed his tertiary studies in Australia and rolled into initially working in Australia. From his early career days David had the opportunity to travel to various regionally office within the Asia Pacific region, so much so, that this region became his second home. The cultural infusion that he received whilst working with people helped guide his future, enabling him to navigate successfully through these markets and help the companies he represented in these regions

A Region of Opportunities.

While Asian cultures are traditional in nature. David was exposed to the inspiring entrepreneurial spirit spreading across this region. The societies primary focus in this region is education. They feel in providing this to the kids the children will be well set for their future. This most parents would bend backwards to ensure happens. From David’s experience off working with women, on women empowerment programs, David found even today in some countries within this region there is a huge disparity between what is provided by parents to the boy child for education compared to the girl child. This disparity is a huge cause for concern and can only be addressed through awareness programs and education. A similar gender disparity is found in the professional arena, when it comes to jobs selection and promotions to senior positions. Again, this is slowly but addressed through awareness and education.
Today, Asia is the heart of global commerce, and with school systems that emphasize academic excellence for all students, it will most probably continue to dominate across all sectors of the global economy.

The Cultural Bridge narrowed

Apart from having a deep understanding, appreciation and fascination for the varying Asian cultures and economies, David is passionately driven by a desire to strengthen the bridge between Asia and the Western world. David’s efforts to create an awareness of Asian business cultures to the West and visa versa and to enhance excellence in business practices across this region.

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