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David and his company IXL Incorporated, over the last 25 years has helped over 250000 people create personal and professional transformation. He firmly believes in a well nurtured environment, with guidance and support the true potential of an individual will unfold. David uses specific change patterns in arriving at this outcome, in so doing he empowers them in achieving and realizing their goals and aspirations.

David’s definite major purpose in life is to create a mindset shift, heart set shift, soul set shift and a health set shift in 1 million people, such that their next generation will experience the transformation of their parents, thereby leaving behind a Life of Significance.   Based on this SOP David drives his engagements in Coaching, Training, Mentoring and Speaking

David has worked with a wide cross section of corporate executives, from Coaching CEO, Senior management (VP & Sr Managers) through to the new recruit, industrialists and business owners. His work with his clients has massively transform their personal and professional lives, as reflected in their testimonials.

For your important conference, seminar, corporate in-house event, you need to look no further for a speaker. David’s talks are powerful, gripping and outcome driven. He is suited for an internal strategy meet, a conference, a conclave or an annual celebration to lift the spirits up!

David with his breadth and width of experience is a joy to work with, and he is extremely inspiring, with a volcano of passionate energy that will inspire your people to move a notch or two up. His works on behavior pattern changes, providing real world strategies and tools to uplift them to the next level of performance. His brilliance lies in how he weaves the topic through storytelling, in creating that impactful approach to acquiring the required outcome. David’s exposure working in a number of countries has allowed him to appreciate and understand people from various cultures thereby allowing him to quickly break the ice and build an incredible rapport with your people. His audience connects very quickly with his style of delivery and he holds them through his whole presentation. Through these high energy talks, David gets the people to look within and realize their deepest strengths, so that they become aware of the immense potential they hold within themselves.

David’s as a keynote speaker can touch on a variety of topics always ensuring he allows for a smooth transfer of the message to your people.

The topics to speak on would vary from function to function but the message would always be simple, to the point and driven with dynamism, where David would build the following principles in his delivery:

  • Design your Life.
  • Women Empowerment
  • Help you and your team inculcates a learning culture for continuous growth.
  • Show your people how to be at the cutting edge by working on basic daily habit patterns.
  • Balance the demands of work with personal Life
  • Inspire to scale up on personal excellence.

What makes David Nair a special speaker?

He does not mince words. Through metaphors, he relates theory to real life application and is a master at such real-life story telling episodes. The presentations are customizing to the audience. The tools that he discloses will create lasting change in anyone who hears David speak.

We can assure you this engagement would be unforgettable.

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